100 Classic Compendium Games

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The A to Z Compendium of Games includes everything you need for hours of family fun. 

The set includes many traditional favourites, including Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Backgammon, Chess, Bingo and many more. 

Included in the set are all the playing pieces that are needed, as well as full instructions.


  • Compendium Set of 100 Traditional Family Games
  • Snakes And Ladders, Ludo, Backgammon, Chess, Draughts, Bingo, Tic Tac Toe And Many More
  • Brand New In Retail Box
  • Full instructions supplied
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and upwards

Box Contains:

  • 1 x roulette wheel;
  • 32 x chess pieces;
  • 48 x draughts pieces;
  • 12 x match pieces;
  • 6 x dice;
  • 36 x ludo counters;
  • 10 x bingo cards and markers;
  • 1 x sheet of bingo numbers;
  • 4 x double-sided playing boards;
  • 1 x score sheet;
  • 2 x instruction sheets.

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