Bingo Lotto Set

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This is a complete family/group entertainment game because many players can have a go at the same time. The Bingo Lotto, which is made from durable plastic, makes it very convenient and easy to handle and reusable as many times as one wants.

Great fun at a low price, kids love it!


  • 90 numbers
  • 24 Cards
  • Suits ages 6-99 years
  • For 2+ gamers


Put all 90 balls inside the revolving container at the start of the game by pressing the key on the entry hole. The balls automatically come out by turning the crank.

Players are given cards with 15 random numbers printed on them.

One player extracts numbers (going from one to ninety) and all other players mark the corresponding numbers. Prizes are awarded to players who have sets of four winning numbers (4 numbers on the same row), five winning numbers(5 numbers on the same row), and bingo (all the numbers on the card).

Prizes can also be given for the first players to get two numbers and three numbers on the same row.

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