Traditional Metal Classic Jacks Game

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THE GAME OF SKILL AND DEXTERITY - Sometimes called Jacks and sometimes Fivestones, this game is still a favourite in the playground.

TRADITIONAL GAME - Throughout history, kids in virtually every culture on the globe have played some version of this game. Kids in ancient Egypt played "knucklebones" with sheep toe bones. Jacks is a traditional game of skill and hand-eye coordination played by one person at a time and having as many as players in the game.

HOW TO PLAY? - There are many ways to play this game, the best is to place the Jacks stars on the ground and whilst bouncing the ball endeavour to pick up one star, then two stars, then three and so on.

CONTAINS - It contains 10 Jacks stars and 2 bouncy balls.
DIMENSIONS - Size of the box : 11 x 6 x 4 cm. Suitable for age 3+ years.