Worldwide shipping is now available.
Follow the 3 simple steps below to get your parcel delivered almost anywhere in the world!

Step 1
  Register account with one of our shipment providers, either Forward2Me or MyUS. You will receive a forwarding delivery address that you can use for your order.
Step 2
  Place the order on our page, using the provided UK address. The parcel will be dispatched to the chosen company's warehouse, and from there forwarded internationally, to you.
Step 3
  Enjoy convienient worldwide shipping, and the item on your doorstep within just couple of days!

Approved Partners

MyUS ships to more than 220 countries and territories, with happy members around the globe. From Saudi Arabia, Australia, Japan, Angola and Canada to the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, India, Brazil and beyond! Forward2Me is a parcel forwarding company founded in 2010. The company started operations in the United Kingdom but quickly expanded internationally. Today forward2me manages five warehouses in different countries - the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Guernsey and Turkey.