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Tiger Plush Toy

Discover the enchantment of this lifelike tiger plush, blending decorative allure with educational engagement for children. Crafted with excellence, it transitions seamlessly from a charming decoration to a playful companion, infusing warmth into any space. Ideal for gifting, this plush tiger is a heartwarming present that adds character to playrooms and living spaces alike.


Indulge in the charm with the adorable tiger plush toy. This plush toy features a lifelike face and long tail,It can attract children's attention and help them improve their knowledge of animals and love nature.


This plush tiger isn't just a decorative delight for houses and playrooms; it's a source of diverse entertainment for kids. Perfect for snuggling during storytelling, playtime, it swiftly transforms into a faithful playmate, Its charm extends beyond personal use; place it in bedrooms or living rooms as a decorative touch, infusing warmth and comfort into the atmosphere.


Experience excellence in construction with detailed realism. This plush tiger promises an exotic touch to any environment, capturing attention with studious details and superior craftsmanship.


This realistic tiger toy is perfect for Halloween, birthdays, and school gifts. A heartwarming present for both children and adults on various occasions like birthdays, New Year, and Christmas. Beyond gifting, the tiger plush makes for a charming decoration for your home.

The sizes are as follows: MINI tigers: approx. 30 cm without the tail or 50 cm with the tail. SMALL tigers: approx. 70 cm without the tail or 100 cm with the tail. MEDIUM tigers: approx. 90 cm without the tail or 130 with the tail. LARGE tigers: approx. 103 cm without the tail or massive 150 cm with the tail. LARGE BLACK PANTHER: approx. 110 cm without the tail or massive 170 cm with the tail! MEDIUM BLACK PANTHER: approx. 90 cm without the tail or massive 130 cm with the tail!

Tiger Plush Toy Specifications:

Material: Plush
Length of the tiger: 100 cm
Length of the tiger without tail: 70 cm


Barcode: 5035007004107
Recommended Age: ...
Colour: Brown
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
stanley (St Helens, GB)
small bengal tiger

As I am not in a position to own a real one then this is the next best thing.
Very pleased with it!

E G Hartnett (Hounslow, GB)
Tiger Toy

Our child loves it and it’s very realistic looking and all proportions correct. Only issue is the eyes and nose are hard plastic and could come off and be swallowed by a little baby

a great value large soft toy

My 6 year old loves this and it sleeps at the end of her bed. It does have a hard head so cuddling is a little awkward but she really doesn't mind and it gives it a realistic look that couldn't be achieved with the soft head. It seems well made - scared the dog a bit when it came but apart from that, very happy with the purchase. Came a bit squished up in a smaller than expected box, but bounces back into shape well.

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