Large Camping 12L Cooler Box

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Keep your drinks and food chilled for many hours with this durable chiller box. Suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Ideal for hot summer days at the beach, in the park, and while camping, keep your drinks chilled and at hand during BBQs and parties in the garden. This excellent coolbox will keep your fizzy, alcoholic, or soft drinks cold during long journeys.


Fill containers with ice or place ice packs to keep products colder for longer and enjoy your fresh meals, fruits, sandwiches, and drinks cold when needed. Works for a lengthy period when chilled food/drinks are kept, along with ice cubes or freezer packs.


This box comes with a carrying handle. The box handle makes the container easier to transport and move. Thanks to it, the lid is locked in place to provide isolation and keep the temperature in the box. Made of lightweight material for easy carrying. Ideal for camping, fishing, picnic in the meadows, or chilling by the beach storage container.


This coolbox comes in vibrant blue color and a carry handle. Its surface is effortless to clean after use, and in case of spillages, wipe it with a damp cloth. Between the double walls is a thermal insulation layer that provides preservation of temperature. The body and lid of the container are made of high-quality plastic.


This cooling box has a capacity of 12L. A nice compact size for easy storage and transportation.Dimensions (cm) - 41H x 16.9 W x 29.2 D


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Perfect for doorstep milk

Perfect size for doorstep milk.

Holds a loaf of bread and two glass bottles (1 pint each) or four x one pint bottles.

Not tall enough for the plastic bottles found in supermarkets.

Nice and sturdy, well made. Doesn’t take up a huge amount of room.

Lid a little fiddly until you work out how it fits, but easy once you know how.

Would happily recommend.

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