Bestway Flow Clear Rectangle Pool Covers 10 ft

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Bestway Flow Clear Rectangle Pool Covers Outdoor Swimming Paddling Pool Cover

This handy pool cover always keeps your outdoor pool clean and clear. So whenever you want to use the pool, it will be clean and ready

EXTEND YOUR SWIMMING SEASON: Maintaining your pool is now so easy with our Bestway pool covers. It fits on the top of above-ground swimming and paddling pools and helps keep the water from contamination.

DURABLE MATERIAL: This pool cover is made with polyethene which is extremely durable and it comes with rubber bands so that covers are secure. The drain holes on the cover prevent the water from accumulating when it rains

EASY MAINTENANCE OF THE POOL: This pool covers help in reducing the cost of maintenance of the pool. This cover floats freely on the surface of the pool. With no leave and garden waste sitting on the bottom of the pool, the workload on your filter vacuum is reduced. So the pools are likely to last longer.

SAVE WATER & CHEMICALS: These covers save water from evaporating during the hot season. The chemical consumption for the water will be reduced as the cover protects the pool from accumulating debris, leaves and dirt.

EASY STORAGE: This cover can be easily removed and stored by just folding it up. The covers must be removed before swimmers can use the water.

Dimensions (approx) 10 feet pool cover fits pool size 305 x 183 x 56 cm