Weed Control Fabric

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Weed Control Fabric 8 M X 1.5 M 

This strong & durable fabric will help to effectively block weeds from growing without the use of chemicals. 

It is easy to install, will not fray and its excellent permeability allows water, air & nutrients to get right to the root of your plants, creating healthy gardens & beautiful landscapes. It is ideal for use with gravel driveways, under decking, borders etc.

Main Features:

  • Effective weed control fabric. Designed to keep weeds at bay. Retains soil moisture, for use under paving, decking, bark, flower beds and borders.
  • Cost-effective fabric suppresses weed growth without using chemicals.
  • Encourages root growth by keeping the soil moist and cool. Perforations allow air and water through, achieving consistency of temperature and moisture.
  • Easy to use - can be cut to size with scissors.

Please select the number of rolls that you require from the drop-down menu or just a small piece of fabric as a sample.


Weight 0.54 kg
Length 800.0 cm / 314.96 inches
Width 150.0 cm / 59.06 inches

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