Here comes the winter season – a season of warm socks, sweet hot chocolate and constantly increasing panic about Christmas presents. We know how it feels, when you check your calendar and realize it’s the end of the autumn and you still have no idea what presents to get.

Luckily for you, we have made a little research and found out that the best and the most popular Christmas gift for a kids – are dolls. Yes, so easy.

Well, it’s easy before you start choosing the right doll. There are millions and millions of different variants – fashion dolls, rag dolls, baby dolls, reborn dolls and so on. But, how to choose the safest and the most appropriate doll? It is not just a toy for a kid – it is a friend, a companion. Which is why it is so important to pick a perfect doll that will match your kid’s age, temper and personal preferences.

First thing first – safety. Never underestimate or ignore safety when it comes to your kid’s toys. Look for the CE symbol on tags – it means that the toy meets regulatory requirements. Toys without this symbol could be potentially unsafe and play with them at your risk. Also, check the British Toy and Hobby Association’s “Lion Mark” – it’s a voluntary scheme that companies can sign up to, that requires them to meet key additional safety requirements.

Choosing dolls for your kid, make sure that it is be made of non-toxic materials, whether they are plush or plastic. Children will hug and kiss their baby dolls, having the material close to their mouth and nose.

Secondary – check the age range the doll is aimed at. You need to be careful with dolls for children under 3: if they're not marked as suitable for this age range, they may have, or come with, small pieces that could pose a choking hazard. Accessories like earrings, sports gear, or doll art supplies are better left for older kids who know not to put them in their mouths.

After making sure the doll is safe, look into the special features, such as animated eyes that close and open or soundboxes for that additional realistic experience. Others rely on accessories to create a doll world that your child can enjoy, such as additional clothes, strollers, cots or furniture. Think about how your child likes to play as you choose a baby doll with the features they will love.

Slowly but surely, we are moving to most popular dolls for kids of different age.


barbie doll extra

Barbie Extra Doll

This Barbie doll is sized just right for younger girls. With her charming smile and stylish look, she will for sure bring hours of enjoyment play! The Blonde Barbie doll has blue eyes and adorable extra-long crimped hair with pink streaks, styled with colorful hair pins and cute space buns. This doll comes in a unique outfit encouraging a whole world of creative play, the kind of play that helps children develop and grow.


bibidoll BiBi Dolls reborn

BiBi Reborn Sleeping Baby Dolls

They are amazingly lifelike baby dolls, from their blue eyes and little peanut nose to the tiny fingers and toes. Feature high quality soft trendy luxury outfits that can be removed to allow change of clothes. BiBi Reborns, are our faithful effort to replicate comfort, and the feeling of joy, one might experience when holding a real newborn. They will both do as a lovely toy, and a possible therapeutic companion.


bibi doll rag doll

BiBi Soft Doll Maddie Tatters

Twelve inches soft-bodied baby doll with sleeping eyes, a warm smile, and open arms embraced in a colorful pink or purple dress is the dream doll of every little girl. Doll eyes open and close once placed in a lying or sitting position. The body is made of stuffed fabric, apart from the head made of soft vinyl. This cloth-body doll is super-soft, ideal for kids to cuddle, carry, or for a long walk.



doll styling head

Princess Styling Head

 If your kid is really into styling, this one is just perfect – Princess styling head will allow your child to create loads of cool hairstyles. They can give "Princes" a makeover and try different colors and looks. Princess Toy styling head comes with beauty essentials: including a hairbrush and hair clips. This doll head will keep your child entertained for hours, allowing them to use their creativity and inventiveness through this fantastic role playset.


bibi baby doll


BiBi Baby Doll

These beautiful soft body dolls designed for everyone, girls and boys, kids and adults. You can choose between the girl or boy doll version with astonishing shiny open eyes, ready to find a new home where someone will take care of, play with and love it.

Playing with those dolls develops child social skills, responsibility, empathy and compassion. By taking care of a baby doll, children learn how to be responsible or take care of one another. While communicating with each other during pretend-play with family or friends, they practice and strengthen their vocabulary.


Hurry up to make your purchase, your time is running out. Avoid crowded streets in pursuit of Christmas gifts – it’s getting hotter there. You can always buy everything you need and want – online.

Wish you to have an amazing shopping time.


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