300 L Plastic Garden Composter

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Composting is an eco-friendly way to make use of fruit and vegetable scraps, grass cuttings, dried leaves, crushed eggshells, coffee grounds and more.

Made from durable weatherproof plastic for yearlong use, this garden composter holds a massive 300 L. Designed to transform the waste into compost without congesting your garden with a horrible, decomposing smell. A hinged lid and hatch door enable you to easily fill and empty the composter. No tools are needed for assembly with the parts simply clicking together.

  • Large garden composter holds 300 litres
  • Durable weatherproof plastic design
  • An eco-friendly way to deal with organic waste
  • Hinged lid to easily fill with organic waste
  • Hatch door to easily empty compost when ready
  • Easy to assemble no tools required
  • Composter size (cm): H83 x W61 x D61.


Barcode: 5060758212778
Material: Plastic
Dimensions (cm): 61.0 length 61.0 width 83.0 height
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sturdy and a good size

Despatched quickly and arrived within 3 days, even on the standard delivery charge. It's flat-packed, but there are only 6 pieces, so easy to assemble. Although the only instructions are on a label stuck to the back of the compost box, the only thing you need to do is gently push the sides together until they click. The lid was a little trickier, but if you fit the lid by putting it vertically and pushing each hinge down from one side to the other, then you shouldn't have any problems. Mine was in the back garden 5 minutes after it was delivered.

Great compost bin

This is the first time I have had a compost bin for recycling our garden leaves and waste We have a couple of trees in our garden and I am forever raking up leaves in November and December and just putting them in our bin to be emptied by the council, We have just realised what a waste this is as it would make a great compost for the garden as we spend quite a sum on compost in the spring for replanting and adding nutrients into the soil plus its better for the environment This 300 litres compost bin is manufactured from 100% recycled hard plastic and is very strong and durable It arrived flat pack and is in 6 pieces ( 4 for the body 1 for the lid and 1 is the sliding door for retrieving your compost)It was very easy to assemble as the 4 body parts just clip together and the hinge lid just clips into slots on the top this can all be completed in about 5 minutes. This is definitely a good quality product well made and very clever how it all locks together and as for the price I feel it is well worth the money at just under £30

JL Levin
Seems fine

The bin was delivered quickly and was easy to assemble. Seems a bit flimsy, but also seems to be doing the job and was the only one that would fit in a small corner of our garden, so we hope it will work well and last well.

david thomas
It's plastic be careful

This is the 2nd one I've bought. Easy to put together 10 mins if that. hardest part was clicking lid as everything is plastic you don't want to break the hinges. bonus with this one is it has orange locks which when turned to correct position locks the lid down

Jonesie Jonesie
Very well designed, easy to put together, comes in a flat pack

Used to have a cone-like composter, but had to leave it behind during one very stressful move. Based on what I didn't like about the previous one, I decided to go for one of these, which more or less resembles a traditional wooden composter, just made in plastic. I am very, very happy I left the conical one behind. Having a hinged lid makes it very easy to manoeuvre with your hands full. That's usually my case. With the conical one, I had to leave stuff on the ground, remove lid, find somewhere to rest the jolly lid on, get stuff, tuck it in, then put lid back on again. With this, I just push it up with my elbow and wait for it to shut itself. Pleasure. The lower lid is also a joy to operate. With no-longer-loved conical bin I had serious trouble to remove the equivalent lid, as it was flimsy and the bin's contents - a.k.a. 'rich earth called compost' in Grandpa Pig's words - pushed it hard enough to make it a nightmare to remove. This one you just lift. You don't even have to find a spot for it, as THERE IS A SOCKET for it in the upper part of the bin. There you go, a compost heap with brains. I've put some bricks lining the inner and outer borders so rodents don't find it trivial to get in. I also discourage them by not putting any cooked food inside, just decaying brown and green stuff. There are some vents to let CO2 out/O2 in - also making it faster than no-longer-loved conical bin - but just small enough for little arthropods, not rodents or birds. I am very happy with it and would recommend to anyone. For reference, my garden is the size of half a tennis court, and we're a family of four plus a cat.

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