Here, at The Magic Toy Shop, It is the children that are our first priority. As a family-owned business, that has grown tremendously over the recent years, we still try to ground ourselves, in our roots. As such, it was not long, before we have decided to commit to this program. A way to support local communities, and allow children throughout the country to enjoy toys of much higher quality and variety.

How to apply?

There are few requirements to joining our program, and they are as follows:
  • You must be a child care provider registered within UK.
  • You must possess a functional website, for your business/organization.
  • At least 6 pupils must be under your care on any, average day. If you match all the requirements, the next step is simple.
Fill in the below form with the requested information, and let us handle the rest.
Earl Education - The Magic Toy Shop
Earl Education - The Magic Toy Shop

What happens after?

Once you have applied, we will contact you as to finalize the necessary details. If that goes without a hiccup, your business will be granted an access to a special account.
The account will provide you with a sizeable discount (20%) on all of our toys, not to mention the goods available on our sister website
In exchange, we will only request that you introduce the logo visible above, as a part of your main website's design. We also won't say no to a bit of fan art from your pupils! But, that is definitely not mandatory : )