Recyclable - BiBi Doll


Less Waste


All of our goods are supplied as efficiently as possible, they are packed compactly with the removal of excess air. The use of less packaging makes our products more efficient to ship, which in scale leads to significant carbon emission reductions. We strive to use the least amount of packaging possible. If a product can be shipped in its own box, without the need of additional plastic packaging which would only contribute to the build-up of landfills, we will ship it in this way. Scaled up, this leads to a significant reduction of unnecessary waste. Vast majority of our dolls come in mail-ready and 100% recyclable carton boxes. Which can also be easily reused for other purposes.


Autumn - BiBi Doll

Children's future is our priority, whether it is their emotional and mental development, or simply their wellbeing.
People are too short-lived to see the true impact of many of their actions. We aim to ensure that the generations to come after us, will be able to live and enjoy things that today, we often take for granted. Is it clean water, air or simply peace that comes with knowing that they themselves will be able to raise their families, in a welcoming world.