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The societal impact of Covid-19 on your child’s development and mental health.

It was on the 26TH of March 2020, that the first lockdown has officially started. 10 months have passed ever since, and there will be more to come. At the moment of this blog post being written, we are mere days into our third national lockdown. This one, the most intense of all. With the new strain of virus being discovered, things are looking grim as the new measures put in place take harsher and harsher shapes.

While life takes on a grey shade for all of us. It’s the children that prove to be the victims of our inability as a society, to handle this virus.

Per the findings of the Mental Health Foundation, many children and young people were found to be dealing with increased levels of stress, worsened mental health, symptoms of depression, and newly developed anxieties. All due to the lack of contact, physical or otherwise, with their friends, peers, and families. Not to mention increased social media consumption and lack of interactions that we used to find mundane. All leading to a skewed perception of society, and its values.

The still-developing minds are malleable and prone to outside influence. Today, some of our youngest had spent sizeable chunks of their lives living in a society filled with fear, surrounded by masks that should not be necessary, yet they are.

It is important to provide the youngest with affection, and mental stimulation that they lack these days. Give them the taste of what was normal for us, and what for them is turning to be a fading memory.

As such. We, the folk at the Magic Toy Shop wish to highlight some of the toys, that we believe will aid in your child's development through this time.


Marble Run

Marble run comes in sets of 50, 93, or 113 pieces. But it is not the pure numbers that make this toy impressive. It is the variety that allows a child to truly stimulate their mind. With more than thousands of combination and different ways in which the marble run sets can be built, it is a perfect toy to get, if you wish for your child to have an engaging day.

Marble run is an imagination galore that encourages inventive thinking. There are few toys that are as engaging, or provide your child with as much feeling of accomplishment. Especially when the balls roll on the track, in just the right way.

Not to say it does not have flaws. With its many pieces, disassembly might take more than a moment. Not to mention the small marble balls that may ocassionally get lost, just to be found later by an unexpecting foot.

But, hey. We all have a bit more time to clean up during the lockdown, and what is more important than the happiness and health of a child.

Plus, its always a laugh if its dad's unexpecting foot.


Cash Registers


Feeling or normalcy, the mundane. For most of us, something we had our whole lives. For some of the children, something they only had a glimpse of and distorted through the lens of the pandemic. Play cash registers are perfect for those young children that need a little break.

Imagination is an essential component of childhood, allowing children to learn important skills, to develop in a healthy way. But, even imagination needs a little bit of help. Roleplay can always be more fun with related props.

With working calculators and scanners, along with a selection of various goods. This is also a great choice if you wish to help your child progress their mathematical abilities.


Classic / Tabletop / Board Games


This blog writer is biased. Board games could be described as a major part of my life. They are, in my opinion, one of the greatest joys.

With that in mind, and trying to keep an inkling of my objectivity...

Board games have been proven, times and times to be a fantastic learning tool. They provide an opportunity for your children to learn problem-solving skills, improve patience, aid in the development of hand-eye coordination and dexterity. Not to mention colour recognition, and increased competence in mathematics or reading

But, most importantly, considering the topic of this blog post. They are, in most cases an opportunity for hours-long entertainment with the whole family. A time, that young children these days need more than anything else. Ability to sit down, and for just a couple of hours a day pretend that all is right. To allow themselves to be distracted, with problems much simpler than worry over issues caused by Covid-19.

Such as whether dad will stop confusing the rules, or mom will stop complaining about losing.

She never does stop, sore loser.

Specific recommendation goes to the following. All timeless, and solid entry points for a future board game enthusiast:

  1. Double Six Classic Dominoes Set
  2. 2 in 1 Snakes & Ladders and Ludo
  3. Traditional Folding Draughts Game


Arts & Crafts Sets


The Covid-19 pandemic put many of our children at homes. Resigned to online schooling, even with the best efforts of the teachers, the children's creative skills are stagnating at a quick rate.

Creativity and imagination are incredibly important for the development of young minds. They help to shape and mould them into healthy forms. Additionally, the process of creation. Is it painting, shaping dough, or perhaps crafting. Allows children to deal with their emotion, granting them another outlet of expressing themselves, and another way communicate with those around them.

Not to mention the improvements in fine motor skill the are necessary for most adults.


We hope that pandemic will have much less of an effect on our youngest, than we fear it will.

The Magic Toy Shop wishes you and your children the best in 2021.

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