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Winter season – is the season of sweet cocoa, warm sweaters, and Christmas. But let’s exclude this romantic fleur and remember that the winter season is also cold, dark, and full of bills. In today’s reality, in the time of the cost-of-living crisis, we all have to think about how to save money. Among obvious ways, we always want to find some easy lifehack to make saving even easier.

Let’s talk about bills. The winter this year is tough – heating is expensive, and we all have no willingness to shake off cold on the long dark evenings. This means, we need to make everything to keep ourselves and our homes warmer.

What exactly can cause the drop in the temperature in the house? Draughts from outside can come into your home through gaps around doors, letterboxes, and even keyholes.

Letterbox draught excluders are popular, as are letterbox plates, which stop cold air from getting in without interfering with any mail deliveries – they cost under £10. A keyhole cover is a metallic disc that stops draughts and slides to the side when you put your key in – costs about £3.


One of the easiest ways to save on your heating bills is by investing in a draught excluder.

What is a draught excluder? Anything that blocks the cold air from traveling around your doors or windows is an effective draught excluder. When temperatures drop, you’ll be thankful for a simple fabric draught excluder as it keeps warm air in and can brighten up your living space at the same time.

Draught excluders prevent cold or warm air from passing around it. This is an important distinction, because you can have a well-insulated home with really high-spec insulation in the walls, and still feel cold because there is a nasty draught coming from the front door.

Have you seen new government guidance about the ways households could save up to £230 a year this winter? Just if they follow a few simple tips, shown in a video of Grant Shapps and an Elf on the Shelf.

Households are also being urged to cut heating loss by adding clear film across windows or putting draught excluders around doors with the potential to save a further £60 annually.


Talking about draught excluders, we must admit, this simple item stops warm air from central heating escaping from a room and is best used in the winter months when icy air sneaks through gaps under the doors. But even though they have a practical function doesn’t mean they must be boring.

There are different shapes, colors and designs – anything you want and can imagine. Even a lovely pup

 draught excluder creme dog

 You can find your favorite one right here.


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