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How to keep your child occupied through the winter, and yourself sane.

It’s this time of the year again, the time of harsh colds. Well, as harsh as they can get in our mostly snowless nation. With the boredom settling in our children, as they grown tired of their Christmas presents. We, the folk at the Magic Toy Shop have a list of top toy's recommendations, that will hopefully keep your children occupied and you at peace on those cosy evenings in front of the telly.

Without further ado, here is our list for the Top Toys of Winter 2021:


#1 Retro Classic Large Train Toy

A true classic. Toy popular among many children, and fathers with too much time on their hands. Which is why it comes first on our list of Top Toys of Winter 2021.

Imagine, a cold evening. You lay your exhausted body onto the couch. Glass of gin in one hand, that novel you have been meaning to read in the other. You cover yourself with a warm blanket, and finally, at that moment you know the true meaning of bliss. But, alas, It was not meant to last. As you hear the quickly approaching steps of your bored child, followed by louder thumps made by your equally hobby deficient husband. You know, that there is only one thing that will keep them away from you, and give you a night of peace.

Retro Classic Large Train Toy.

That is right. In a manner that could only be described as desperate, you throw the box set towards the child, knocking them to the ground. The initial shock in their eyes is quickly gone as they realize with just what they have been blessed.

Endless hours of entertainment.

Both the father and the child run off to another room. Leaving you, your glass of gin and the details of Jessica's new love interest Pablo, by your lonesome.


  • High quality of model details.
  • Battery operated, with a working headlamp, and train sounds.
  • Comes in a great box with a carry handle, for storage and transport.
  • Lots of tracks, allowing for multiple track layouts.


  • Batteries not included
  • Train sounds

To be fair, not that loud and much quieter than children.


#2 100 Classic Compendium Games

With the winter on our doorstep, and children homeschooled throughout the lockdown. We all find ourselves with much more time, and very little to do with it. As such, our second recommendation goes to the Classic Compendium of 100 Games. That's right. 100 games, in a medium package. The set comes with dice, baggies of different pieces, and tens of different two-sided boards on which you can play.

Disclaimer: It does not come with a judge to handle rule disagreements. But, hey. That is part of the fun...Right?


  • The sheer multitude of games.
With the available variety, you will definitely be able to find something for yourself or your child.
  • Good value & cheap price (Under £10).
  • Small box, due to two-sided boards and compact design.
  • Variety of different game pieces.


  • The sheer multitude of games.
Ever hear of choice paralysis?


#3 Arts & Crafts Sets


Arts & Crafts. Some would say wasted college degree. Others would say way of living, source of passion. We at the Magic Toy Shop commit to more of a middle ground approach and call them instead, excellent hobbies. If anything the winter of 2021 will be a great time to pick up some hobbies. How else are you to keep boredom away, and your mind stimulated?


  • A great outlet for imagination.
  • They aid in the mental development of your child.
  • Depending on the kit, you get a lot of items for the price.


  • Can be a bit messy


#4 Kids Tool Set & Work Belt

A poor headless child displaying that even with his disability, he is able to enjoy new hobbies.

The time spent at home should not be wasted. Instead of having a kid with eyes stuck to their tablet, why not instead try and support the development of new passions. Which is why, 4th on our list of Top Toys of Winter 2021 comes the Tool Set & Work Belt.

Bottom line, when they grow up they can fix up your house.


  • A full set of quality, well made-toys.
  • Comes with a fashionable belt.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Battery operated, does not come with batteries.


#5 Baby Bibi Dolls

 She is the inquisitive one, he is the shy and silly one. Together they make a couple truly worth of their own sitcom. Make it happen twitter.

Dolls. They are classic, simple, timeless

Just like EastEnders. For something with End in the name, it never does.

Which is why they did not warrant a higher spot on our list Top Toys of Winter 2021. You already know its a good choice. Adored by children through the ages, those dolls will keep them entertained throughout those cold winter days. Is it by providing the much-needed comfort, or by creating an outlet for a child's imagination.


  • Soundbox included (Produces random baby-like noises).
  • Great quality, lifelike.
  • Cool outfits and there are more outfit sets for purchase.
  • Reasonable selection of accessories available.
  • Very cute, just look at them.


  • While the bodies are soft and cuddly, the hands, feet, and heads are made instead of soft vinyl.

I suppose, more of a preference than a con. But, here you go.


    #6 6 in 1 Traditional Cross Stitch Kit for Kids

    We already have a little section dedicated to Arts & Crafts in our Top Toys of Winter 2021 list. But, this one has to get its own spot.

    Because what is more iconic than a mother and daughter (or son, its 2021) sitting together in front of the fireplace, or the telly and knitting

    Well, if you want to get your child started on this hobby. There is no better way than with 6 in 1 Traditional Cross Stitch Kit for Kids


    • Good variety in designs.
    • All the supplies required are provided and of great quality.
    • Very Cheap.


    • Comes only in a set of 6 designs.

    Just a starter set, for future, might want to look into something bigger.


    With that, we end our Top Toys of Winter 2021 list.

    The Magic Toy Shop, wishes all of you a warm and cosy winter.

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