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Dolls might be one of the oldest toys that ever existed. Nobody knows for sure when the first doll was manufactured, but the first discovered doll-like toy dates from 3000-2000 BC. The Babylonian human model was made of alabaster and had movable arms. 

In ancient times dolls mainly had a religious meaning, as in Greece and Rome girls of marriageable age consecrated their dolls to goddesses. In Afro-Caribbean religions, dolls were the spirit worshipping instrument, now they are well-known as voodoo dolls. And in some Japanese beliefs, wooden dolls were both the symbol of grief for the lost child and good life wishes for a child.

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In the 15th century in Nuremberg, Germany doll making became an official profession, and ever since then, dolls were associated with children's toys. The manufacturing methods, techniques, and materials have been changing and improving over the centuries. However, the general concept remained the same.

In the 1990s in the United States, the first life-like doll was manufactured. These so-called reborn dolls were made of vinyl, a synthetic polymer of plastic, by enthusiasts who wanted to bring their creation to never seen before imitation of life.

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On the Internet, the first reborn dolls for sale appeared on eBay in 2002. While the initial popularity of the dolls was low, supported only by its craftsmen and the limited doll collecting community. Shortly, with the attention of the media, the strange concept of dolls indistinguishable from real children boomed and spread throughout the internet.  Whether it's the admirers sharing their first experiences with the reborns, or creators showing off their new strange dolls, the blogs were going wild over this new phenomenon, attracting both positive and negative attention. . Since then, Reborn Dolls are recognized by a much wider audience, not excluding those that use these dolls as tools that provide not only emotional support but therapeutic healing.

The therapeutic purposes of the reborn dolls are an often discussed topic nowadays. While some support the concept and find them to be a useful tool in therapy. Others are simply put off by their appearance and life-like qualities. 

On one hand, we have women, who face the pain of child loss and they need psychological relief. Some psychologists strongly believe that reborn dolls help the grieving mother to channel their feelings and emotion. Studies suggest that interaction with dolls can release oxytocin in mothers which gives them an emotional rush.

On the other hand – the realistic nature of the reborns prolongs the grief and women attach to them, losing touch with society. Psychiatrists believe that this method, when used, should be under close supervision and supported by therapy.

But we should remember that dolls are just toys, they must bring joy and teach us.

Caring about realistic dolls in childhood helps kids to develop compassion and empathy. Little ones learn how to be good friends, good siblings, and in the future, how to be good parents. Also, the dolls develop the socializing skill, which is incredibly important for children to achieve at a young age. Otherwise, facing the big bad world in a few years will be extremely challenging. 

Toys in general, and dolls especially are the best way for children to explore the world and themselves quicker and more efficiently. By playing with toys, dressing them, feeding them, they learn how to take care of not only the dolls, but themselves and people around them. Spending time with your children while playing with dolls is not only much more enjoyable but also much easier. 

Through the doll play the little ones learn new skills, and you don't have to miss a moment of it, therefore making the connection between you that much stronger.

Parenting is a difficult task, a time full of challenges, and while many guides out there try to tell you "How to be a Great Parent", nothing will beat patience, love, and the occasional little gift.

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