Set of 4 Neon Water Beach Toys


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Set of 4 Foam Water Toys Floating Fun Beach Garden Outdoor Family Kids Playset

FAMILY WATER PLAYSET - Dip the water balls, the frisbee and the arrow in the water and then throw them towards each other or to your fur friend. Beach Toys set is a great outdoor activity for the whole family. They are durable, mini-size and very light, so ideal to be packed and taken for holidays.

SET OF 4 WATER TOYS - This set consists of 4 toys, two balls, an arrow and a disc/frisbee in the perfect size to fit small hands. Beach toys are lightweight and easy to store. They can be packed and taken to the beach, garden, picnic, lake or camping when not in use. Store it for the next hot weather as they do not take much space in your house.

NEON COLOURS - The bright colours of this set will improve creativity and imagination. Come in bright-neon colours and paint splash patterns of yellow, green, pink and orange. Colours are crucial in little-ones development. Kids by choosing a specific-colour like red, green or yellow, show and express moods, express themselves, express their feelings, emotions or thoughts. 

OUTDOOR/INDOOR FUN TOYS SET - Ideal playset for outdoor or indoor. On the beach, kids may throw the balls, frisbee or arrow at each other or use the pieces while sitting in water, thanks to its floating feature. The real fun begins when the water fight starts. This water set will provide hours of fun while splashing water around or by challenging each other by throwing the arrow or disc far away and checking who will catch it first. This set has endless play-possibilities. Use it outdoor or indoor, take to the beach or play in the garden in a blown swimming pool. 

​DIMENSIONS - Playset made of neoprene absorbent fabric and foam includes 4 pieces, two balls, each measure approx. 2 x 2 inches, arrow 6.5 inches (L) x 2.5 inches (H) and a disc with the dimensions of 7 inches and the high of 0.5 inches. The item weights approx. 40 grams. ​

Suitable for 2-4 Players.

Suitable for child age 3 years and older