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The perfect bottle set for a newborn. Marvellous baby shower gift.

Babies often feel discomfort due to painful colic caused by the air they swallow during feeding. This set features a feeding bottles design with an anti-colic system. Each bottle comes with teats that prevent ingestion of air and avoids the risk of colic. The air goes into the bottle and not the baby’s tummy.

This set comes in pink colour (in which pink comes in light or dark option, one pink colour is assorted and sent randomly). This set is ideal for a newborn as it is very similar to natural feedings, thanks to its Variflow teat, which allow the little one to determine its drinking speed and is close to the natural shape of the mother’s breast.

This silicone soother was developed to assist infants through the early stages of teething. The medium to hard dimples helps soothe the baby’s gums, and the dimples placed on the shield/teat allow better airflow, which reduces skin irritation around the mouth. This soother can only be in use for one month from the first use. Before the first use, boil all the set parts in water for 5 min. Use only clean and sterilised bottles and teats before each use. After feeding simply, wash the bottles in warm mild soap and rinse thoroughly or place in the dishwasher only on the top rack!

This easy to hold wide-neck bottle was created to make feeding easier for both mother and baby. The wide-neck feature makes this bottle effortless to fill and clean. Each milk bottle comes with clear markings, in millilitres and ounces. This feature gives accurate measurement and makes it quick and easy to determine how much the baby has eaten. The dome cap seals the teat securely, and it is ideal for travelling. This bottle is made of high-quality polypropylene and is microwave safe.

This baby bottle set comes with two large wide neck bottles approx. 300 ml each with variable flow non-spill silicone teats and one smaller wide neck bottle approx. 240 ml with a non-spill soft silicone spout. One silicone soother with soft dimples on the teat helps massage the baby’s sensitive gums, and one non-spill soft spout for a wide neck bottle to make the transition from bottle to drinking cup easier. Each bottle comes with a cap, ideal when you need to carry your bottles in a nappy bag, purse or pram basket as it protects the spout from getting dirty.

This set does not include bottle handles, and colours may vary from the items shown.
This set is suitable from birth.

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