Marble Run Race Building Block Maze Toy Set 50 pcs


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Marble Run Race Toy Set, Construction Building Block 50 PCS

Colourful three-dimensional maze tracks: Have loads of fun creating new unique structures with our eco-friendly marble run race set. Making a marble run is a great way to keep kids busy indoors or out. Help them get creative as well as learn a few simple laws of physics.

Fun Marble Race: Kids could race with their friends by taking it in turn and timing how long it takes your marble to make it through to the other end. The best thing about making your marble run is that there are no rules at all. The game aims to take your marble on an adventure through an imaginative assault course, using just gravity as ‘fuel’.

Easy fit pieces for kids: Pieces snap neatly together for easy composition. There are twists and turns galore in the Marble Race Game! Use all the parts to build an action-packed tower - complete with loops, dips and narrow passages. Once you've finished, drop your marbles through the hole at the top and watch them go!

Improves kids creative ability: This set will teach kids handy building skills, shape recognition, creative learning, and problem-solving. Also stimulates a lifelong interest in physics and related STEM subjects. This fun construction toy is ideal for 2-4 players.

Marble Race Toy Set Include:  Perfect toy for creative kids. This set is multicoloured and made of ABS plastic suitable and safe for children age 3+

Package dimensions: 50pcs - 19x 6.7x24.5cm

Suitable for 2-4 Players.

Minimal assembly required (with instructions)