19 Inches Kids Plastic Acoustic Guitar

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Strumming and humming a Merry tune, creating sweet, sweet guitar music and laying down a heart-breaking ballad about a broken toy are all possible with this rocking guitar! 
There are four strings for kids to pluck, play and create cool music with. 
Even if kids struggle to master the music toy they'll still have loads of musical fun creating super sound sequences and obscure note patterns. 
The 19" guitar even comes with a plectrum for children who prefer to pick (and we don't mean their little noses).
 With the right practice, youngsters could be playing guitar music and mastering proud Mary in no time!

IDEAL FIRST INSTRUMENT: A comfortable, easy introduction to music and inspiring creativity.

DESIGNED FOR LITTLE HANDS: The 19 Inch toy helps prevent frustration kids might feel when attempting to play on a full-size instrument.

PLECTRUM & SPARE STRING: This four-stringed acoustic guitar comes with a plectrum and a spare string, making it durable for playtime.

BRIGHT COLOURS: Features bright coloured musical rock design in red, green or yellow - randomly sent.

IDEAL GIFT: The set comes neatly packaged in colourful original box to make an ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays.

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